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Action for Children Sunday

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Action for Children Sunday
12 July 2020
A special worship service for Action for Children

Act with justice and righteousness. Jeremiah 22:1-5
Choose Childhood
Tragically, childhood continues to hurt for so many children within the UK. These children face neglect and abuse, poverty and poor mental health. They don't choose what happens in their lives. But we can choose to help.
That's why – this Action for Children Sunday – the theme of our worship is Choose Childhood.

Sadly, the world is an uncertain place at the moment. Covid-19 has thrown all our lives into crisis. Our work to help vulnerable children and families, though, remains as important now as it ever has been. Families who were already struggling before now find themselves unable to afford food and other essentials, like nappies, cleaning products, gas and electric.
As always, your support is absolutely vital. Our 'Choose Childhood' campaign highlights the challenges faced by vulnerable children and families today.
Thank you for your fantastic support. It really does continue to make a life-changing difference to children across the UK.

If you would like to donate to Action for Children's work please click HERE

More details in PDF document in Downloads>>>

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