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We hope you've enjoyed hearing about various Mission projects in this issue of the Circuit News. It is indeed encouraging to hear how God is at work with so many different projects around the circuit — and the world!

For our next issue (March-May 2018) we want to focus on how WORSHIP is happening around the circuit.

Here are some questions to consider, perhaps on your own or with a small group in your church, or at your church's worship planning meeting or church council:

  • What does worship mean to you? What styles of worship draw you closer to God?
  • What types of personal worship do you engage with outside of Sunday services?
  • Has your congregation experimented with different types of worship that might attract and engage people from outside your usual attenders?
  • What has worked best?
  • What hasn't worked?
  • Has your congregation reviewed its worship practices in light of the Staffing Review, that is, recognising that continuing worship for small numbers in many locations puts a strain on our ministerial resources?

    We would love to hear from all our circuit churches on these and other worship concerns. Please send your contributions (400 words or fewer — good quality photos welcome, but please send separately, do not embed in the text) to the Circuit Office by Wednesday 13 December.

    Note that this issue will be coming out during Lent and in preparation for Easter.

    Bonni-Belle Pickard

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