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Worship from home Sunday 10.30am

We invite you to join us for our weekly online service at 10.30 on Sunday mornings. We are not the BBC (!) and we apologise for any technical glitches. Please do tell (email) your minister or Martin Smith if you have helpful observations, or you can contact us HERE

If you wish to take part in morning worship online this day please look at our library of services HERE or Methodist Central Hall HERE

  • May 22nd Robert Zachar
  • May 29th Naomi Oates
  • June 5th Bonni-Belle Pickard
  • June 12th Ann Matthews
  • June 19th Tracey Burch
  • June 26th Bart Woodhouse

Archive of all services HERE

YouTube PlayList HERE

Methodist Central Hall library HERE

  • May 15th Julien Myles LINK HERE
  • May 8th Bonni-Belle Pickard LINK HEREFast forward to about 14:59 for the start.
  • May 1st Bart Woodhouse LINK HERE Fast forward to about 0:20 for the start.


We always rehearse the Sunday service and test for technical issues but we are not the BBC and things can go wrong on the day.

The chat box is very useful for greetings and prayer requests and notices. Many have found it a good way to maintain a sense of fellowship.

If you see a problem that needs an immediate fix (the preacher has stayed on mute, for example) then please comment in the chat.

If it is a problem that would not have an immediate fix: the preacher needs a better microphone, the preacher needs a better Internet connection, the background is distracting, the hymns are not to your taste etc then please contact us directly: email, text, Messenger or here NKMC contact page.

You may like to remember that when you comment you are not whispering to your neighbour but broadcasting to hundreds of people across the world.


  • Service sheets will be available on the right of this page >>>>
  • We will try to publicise the live-stream by Facebook or other means but this page will always be the most up to date source, sometimes last minute changes may need to be made.
  • If you don't have access to the Internet or there are technical glitches , simply use the service sheet at home, knowing you are sharing with friends across the circuit.
  • Some people find the "chat" disruptive during the service, it may be possible to turn the chat box off.
  • If you are a Pastoral Visitor, please ensure that those in your care have access to the information in this note and the service sheet (either by sending them an email or posting a copy through their door).
  • Please note that if you a device from a school or similar, then age restrictions may prevent you viewing the service.

    When we started worshipers were sometimes asked to load YouTube clips , now they are usually broadcast from the main service, these tips may still occasionally be useful.

    • YouTube clips of hymns may be suggested. It can be difficult to switch to these whilst watching the service. We suggest loading them in separate tabs BEFORE the service so you can switch windows easily or load the service sheet in a separate tab and link from there. You may wish to cue them up before the service so you can skip adverts.
    • Some people found it useful to ask Alexa (other digital assistants are available) to play the hymn or to play he hymns on a second device.