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Worship from home Sunday 10.30am

We invite you to join us for our weekly online service at 10.30 on Sunday mornings. We are not the BBC (!) and we apologise for any technical glitches. Please do tell (email) your minister or Martin Smith if you have helpful observations, or you can contact us HERE

  • April 14th Robert Zachar LINK HERE
  • April 21st Robin Selmes an edited version of a service originally broadcast in 2021
  • April 28th Gill Le Boutillier-Scott
  • May 5th Bonni-Belle Pickard
  • May 12th Naomi Oates
  • May 19th (Pentecost) Tracey Burch
  • May 26th Gill Le Boutillier-Scott

Archive of all services HERE

YouTube Playlist HERE

Methodist Central Hall library HERE

  • March 24th (Palm Sunday) Robin Selmes an edited version of a service originally broadcast in 2021 LINK HERE
  • March 31st (Easter Sunday) Tracey Burch LINK HERE
  • April 7th Bonni-Belle Pickard LINK HERE


  • Service sheets will be available on this page
  • The chat box is very useful for greetings and prayer requests and notices. Many have found it a good way to maintain a sense of fellowship.
  • You may like to remember that when you comment you are not whispering to your neighbour but broadcasting across the world.
  • If offering a request for prayer please use initials rather than full names.
  • Some people find the "chat" disruptive during the service, it may be possible to turn the chat box off.
  • You may find it helpful to turn on subtitles/ closed captions. These are not perfect but can be of assistance.

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