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Ideas for sharing in worship and fellowship from home during COVID-19

During a time of great uncertainty and anxiety, when our opportunities to meet together for worship, prayer and fellowship will be necessarily limited, it is important that we find new and creative ways of 'being church' and of watching over one another in love (as well as making the most of those resources already at our disposal). The following list of suggestions is not exhaustive — please contact Naomi or Bonni-Belle with suggested additions, and keep an eye on the guidance and resources on www.methodist.org.uk/


Further guidance will be disseminated (via stewards in the first instance) as and when it becomes available. Thank you for all you are doing to maintain our worship and fellowship as a church under challenging circumstances — it has been a joy already to see the creative ways that have been found to support one another and to offer worship to God. In anxious times, we trust that "perfect love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18).