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Who Do You Think I Am?

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Who Do You Think I Am?
Josephine Cali (pen name: Josephine Joyce) from Peninsula Methodist Church, Strood Centre.
Published by Christians Aware

Of Roman Catholic background, J Joyce is a member of the Methodist Church (and feels she enjoys the best of both worlds). She worked within secretarial/admin roles for over 20 years at the Church's central offices in London, including a decade in the Inter-Faith sector. Previously, she acted as both secretary and advice worker at Citizens' Advice Bureaux.

100 people were asked whether religion was for them a spiritual or factual matter. Only one person, Jo, answered, "Both". This book is a tool for answering those out-of-the-box questions and dealing with doubt. Thoroughly researched, it is also recommended as a resource for Bible studies.

Price: £6.99. To purchase, please contact Jo at Jo would consider attending any 'meet the author' event.
(Pen name: J Joyce. Peninsula Methodist Church, Strood Centre)

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