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Walking with Jesus

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Walking with Jesus
thoughts by Paul Skipp

Are you like me and sometimes wonder why you come to church Sunday by Sunday?

Is it something you have always done from the very start of your life, that it has almost become a habit?

Throughout my Christian life, trying my best to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus, I have had doubts and sometimes those doubts seem to overwhelm what I feel and know to be the truth about Christianity.

I know that Jesus is alive and lives with me day by day, he is there to help and guide me, he is there when I ask him to take me into his grace so that I can try and show his love in my daily life, I know that he listens to me, and I know that he uses me to the best of my ability.

Sometimes it can be difficult to express how I feel to others, especially if they have no faith, but every time I speak of my faith to others I plant little seeds, these seeds may grow so that the very faith I sometimes doubt, is then nurtured in someone else.

To my way of thinking doubting and asking questions plays a big part in making my faith in Jesus grow, does anyone else feel this way or do you have another story about your faith to share with us?

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