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Tony Graff is sharing these reflections to keep in touch with the people at Gravesend and Dene Holm, others may wish to read them too.
-From Advent to Baptism
-Descendants of Abraham
-The story of Ruth
-Stormy Waters
-Peter and parables
-Easter to Pentecost 2020
-Holy Week to Pentecost 2021

-166 I Saw The Lord
-167 The Earth is Full of Glory
-168 Whom Shall I Send?

Jesus says
-158 The Good Shepherd
-159 I Know my Own
-160 Hard Knocks and Sunshine
-161 Paraclete
-162 A Wonderful Life?
-163 A Valley of Dry Bones
-169 The Seed Growing Secretly
-170 Surprising Growth
-171 Into a Storm
-172 Jesus sleeps
-173 Calming the Storm
-174 A Matter of Life and Death
-175 A Determined Woman
-176 The Whole Truth
-177 Back to Life

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