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Prayer as a revolutionary act

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The Revd Michaela Youngson, President of the Methodist Conference, shared this reflection at a prayer breakfast at this week's Labour Party Conference:

Prayer is a cry in the dark,
a child's longing for home,
and a hollowed soul's seeking of fulfilment.

Prayer is a two-fingered salute
to the hope-less cynicism of endless false promises
and a bunting-waving celebration of love in action.

Prayer is a sacred space,
found in the midst of the unholiest of battlegrounds
and in the desolation of loss.

Prayer is a memory
of long lost conversations with wise elders
and an exuberance of youthful anticipation.

Prayer is a shared longing,
a whispered dream
and an open conversation.

Prayer is a revolutionary act
It is hope in despair
And a grace-filled weaving of love's intent.

May God bless us with the desire to pray, that we might better act, for the sake of all. Amen.

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