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Up dated 27-03-2013, 4pm

For everyone:

The links tab on the home page now has links to twenty or so useful sites.

For Cloud users

I have uploaded to "Documents" two spreadsheets i use when I am preparing services.

Three Hymn Book Cross Reference: lists all the hymns in "Singing The Faith", "Hymns and Psalms" and "Mission Praise (1990)" with their number in each book, there are occasional sins of omission and commission but I suspect it is about 98% accurate, if you use it and spot a glitch please let me know!

Links for Preachers: This started out as the dozen or so websites i use when preparing services, over time it has some how grown to over 140. I do periodically check all the links but there may be some newly deceased, I have highlighted the twenty or so that I find most useful, your views, of course, will be different. If you know of other good sites for the harassed preacher please let me know.

I have also added a spreadsheet I am developing to calculate travel expenses within the circuit, it is at an early stage but may be helpful, please use if you wish. It is saved as ZIP file so will need to be un-zipped before you use it.

The three spreadsheets are in the"Local Preachers" folder in "Documents".

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