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The essence of Christ

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The essence of Christ – a reflection by Margaret Bowerman

The fragrance of straw
The scent of a Mother's breast
The sweet smell of frankincense
The bitter hints of myrrh
Herald a very special birth.
The aromas in the temple as Jesus is brought to be. blessed
Fulfilling prophecy and ending the long wait of Simeon and Anna .
The various perfumes of the different plants
As they escape to Egypt.
The character of each wood in his father's workshop.
The long missed hints of the temple
Incense and the burning reek of sacrifice
As the young man visits at twelve
Inspiring learned men , leaving them in awe.

The adult Jesus experiencing the many familiar aromas:
The Jordan at Baptism
The seashore and the fish at the disciples call.
The wine at a wedding
The stench of sickness
The waft of expensive ointment
The simple smell of bread at mealtimes and miracles.
The smell of feet and service ,
The open flesh taint from lashes,
The wood scent again at the cross
The cool fragrance of grave clothes as he rose.
A foretaste of the perfumes of Heaven.

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