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Hundreds of innocent civilians are being killed in the violence between Israel and Gaza. Help us reach those in desperate need.


Gaza crisis: unimaginable suffering

7 August 2014

At least 1,312 Palestinian civilians, including 408 children, have been killed in the Gaza Strip during Israel's month-long offensive.

According to United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), 273,000 people are sheltering in UN-run compounds. They estimate that up to 30% of Gaza's population may now be displaced.

(Please donate to the DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal – CLICK)

People have been forced from their homes, fleeing in desperation from one place to another in one of the most densely populated spaces in the world.

However, nowhere has proved safe. They cannot leave.

A fragile ceasefire

On 4 August, a 72-hour ceasefire was agreed between Hamas and Israel. This ceasefire started at 8am and the Israeli military reported that they had withdrawn forces from Gaza.

With the announcement of the ceasefire, our partners on the ground are beginning to access areas previously cut off from any kind of humanitarian assistance. They aim to reach 20,000 people with safe water, and provide emergency healthcare and treatment.

Humanitarian needs are huge. More than 10,000 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged and 1.5 million people have limited or no access to water.

The healthcare system is still under strain and supplies are depleted. To date, 24 medical facilities have been damaged as a result of the conflict and five have been shut down.

This has put enormous pressure on healthcare workers who are overwhelmed with the masses of people seeking urgent help.

Corridors are crowded, and doctors are forced to work with just two hours of electricity per day. There is still so much to do.

(Please donate to the Gaza Crisis Appeal – CLICK)

'People are so desperate. Banks have been closed for a month so people have had no money to buy food. Civilians really need this ceasefire to meet their survival needs and live in dignity.'


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