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Church leaders' letter to the new PM

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Church leaders' letter to the new Prime Minister: a no-deal Brexit is gambling with the basic needs of our poorest citizens

An open letter to the new Prime Minister from leaders of 7 Christian denominations expresses concern that failing to agree a deal on Brexit will "hit those held back by poverty very hard indeed".

The Church leaders say they have been "compelled" to write to the new Prime Minister because of his position that leaving the European Union without a deal is acceptable.

The letter states that "At a time when increasing numbers of families have difficulties putting enough food on the table, we believe it is irresponsible to consider a course of action that is expected to make that situation worse".

The Church leaders say that "It is notable that assurances about our ability to cope with a no-deal Brexit, while frequent, are yet to be supported by substantial evidence" and ask the Government to publish evidence of the impact a no-deal Brexit on disadvantaged communities.

The letter also invites the Prime Minister to visit one of the many social actions projects run by churches to support millions of citizens who live in poverty.

The letter is signed by leaders from the Methodist Church of Great Britain, the United Reformed Church, the Baptist Unions of Great Britain, Scotland and Wales, the Church of Scotland, the Salvation Army, Quakers in Britain and the Scottish Episcopal Church, which together have approximately 700, 000 members.

Specific concerns over food supply, pricing as well as availability of medical supplies and energy are raised in the letter.

The letter warns that, in the event that a deal is not reached, "In essence, the Government will be relying on the hope that our former EU partners are willing to co-operate even without an agreement – a huge gamble to take with the basic needs of our poorest citizens and communities."

The full text of the letter is here:

Dear Mr Johnson

As Churches, we have a particular care and concern for the people in our society who are locked in poverty. Around the country, local churches are helping families to cope with the rising tide of poverty. Projects range from simple coffee mornings run by a few volunteers, to large projects such as foodbanks, homeless support, employment advice and debt counselling.

With this in mind, we are compelled to write expressing our urgent concern about your position that leaving the European Union without a deal is acceptable. Advice and data from multiple reputable sources, including the UK Government, indicate that failing to agree a deal will hit those held back by poverty very hard indeed.

The UK imports 10,000 shipping containers of food from the EU each day. These containers are part of long and complex integrated supply chains. Even minor disruptions to this chain have in the past rapidly had serious consequences. A no-deal Brexit will cause a huge and potentially crippling disruption. Government and many other reputable sources highlight the immediate risk of shortages and price rises. Over the longer term they point to the costs of new and less fluid supply chains increasing food bills for families.

Last year our partner, Trussell Trust, which represents around half of the UK's foodbanks, gave out a record-breaking 1.6 million 3-day supplies of food. At a time when increasing numbers of families have difficulties putting enough food on the table, we believe it is irresponsible to consider a course of action that is expected to make that situation worse.

It is also unclear how a wide range of other vital products and services will continue to be delivered in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Government, industry and charity sources indicate potential problems with both energy and medical supplies.

The UK Government's no-deal planning documents highlight that many of the difficulties caused by a no-deal Brexit can only be tackled in collaboration with the EU. The Cabinet Office states that for many issues we must seek accommodations with the EU which are "not within the UK's gift to unilaterally control or mitigate". In essence, the Government will be relying on the hope that our former EU partners are willing to cooperate even without an agreement – a huge gamble to take with the basic needs of our poorest citizens and communities.

The impacts of a no-deal Brexit are at best highly uncertain, and at worst deeply worrying. Our view that it would put at risk the welfare and safety of the poorest communities in the UK is formed on the basis of the best available evidence, including our presence in local communities in every part of the UK . It is notable that assurances about our ability to cope with a no-deal Brexit, while frequent, are yet to be supported by substantial evidence.

Evidence-free dismissals of well-founded concerns are at this stage both dangerous and inappropriate. Your Government's willingness to embrace a no-deal Brexit places upon it a responsibility to demonstrate that the most vulnerable in our communities, those locked in poverty, will not be harmed.

We ask that your Government urgently publishes its current evidence on the impact of a no-deal Brexit on disadvantaged communities. We would also be pleased to welcome you to one of our many projects to hear from those who a no-deal Brexit may most impact.

Rather than being absent from the debate, this evidence and these communities should be at the heart of our debates around Brexit.

We assure you of our prayers as you take up this challenging new role.

Yours sincerely

Revd Nigel Uden, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church

Mr Derek Estill, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church

Professor Clive Marsh, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

Revd Dr Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference

Revd Dr Richard Frazer, Convenor of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland

Rev Lynn Green, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain

Rev Alan Donaldson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland

Parchedig/Reverend Judith Morris, Ysgrifennydd Cyffredinol/General Secretary, Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru/Baptist Union of Wales

Most Revd Mark Strange, Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Commissioner Anthony Cotterill, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army

Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain

You can sign up to support this letter here

1200 Additional Signatories

Rev Beth Allison-Glenny, Public Issues Enabler, Baptist Union of Great Britain
Rev David Mayne, Moderator of Council, Baptist Union of Great Britain and Minister of Shoeburyness Baptist Church
The Revd Anthony A Peck, General Secretary, European Baptist Federation
Revd Jenni Entrican , President of the European Baptist Federation
Roy Searle, former President Baptist Union of Great Britain, Baptist Union Northern Pioneer Coordinator, Leader, Northumbria Community, Free Church Tutor, Cranmer Hall, St. John's College, Durham
Rev Catriona Gorton, minister, Hillhead Baptist Church, Glasgow
Rev Dr Andy Goodliff, Belle Vue Baptist Church, Southend-on-Sea
The Revd Paul J Lavender, Senior Pastor and Team Leader, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Northampton
Revd Sarah Crane, Chaplain at Milton Keynes University Hospital and Trustee of Central Baptist Association
Rev Dr Dave Gregory, Outgoing-President Baptist Union of Great Britain 2019-20
Revd Dr Dan Pratt, Antislavery Coordinator for Together Free and the Eastern Baptist Association
Revd Leigh Greenwood, Minister at Stoneygate Baptist Church, Leicester
Rev Jim Kilpin, Community Minister of Avenue Baptist Church, Southend On Sea
Mark Ord, a Director for BMS World Mission.
Dr. Clare McBeath, Co-Principal, Northern Baptist College and Co-Director, Centre for Theology and Justice.
Rev'd Geoffrey Colmer, Regional Minister/Team Leader of the Central Baptist Association
The Revd Dr Simon Woodman, Minister, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
Hilary Treavis, Ecumenical Officer, Baptist Union of Great Britain,
Richard Wilson, Support Services Team Leader, Baptist Union of Great Britain
Revd Dr Simon Oxley, Facilitator, Centre for Theology and Justice.
Revd Dr Stephen Finamore DPhil, MA, LLB, Principal of the Bristol Baptist College and member of the Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain
Rev Tim Presswood, Regional Minister for Church Life, North Western Baptist Association
Kang-San Tan, General Director of BMS World Mission.
Revd Nick Lear, Regional Minister, Eastern Baptist Association.
Rev Jonathon Keyworth, Minister of Heywood Baptist Church
Revd Dr Rosa Hunt, Minister of Salem Baptist Church, Tonteg, and Co-Principal of South Wales Baptist College
Rev Dr Ruth Gouldbourne, Minister of Grove Lane Baptist Church
Cllr, Revd. Andy Fitchet, Pioneer Minister, Picket Twenty Church, Andover
Revd Dr Colin Norris, Regional Minister and Team Leader, Southern Counties Baptist Association
The Revd Dr Keith G Jones, former Deputy General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain, President, the Baptist Historical Society, Leadership Team, Shipley Baptist
Rev Wale Hudson-Roberts, Justice Enabler, Baptist Union of Great Britain
Rev Timothy L Haines, Minister of St Helens Baptist Church
Dr. John Claydon, Regional Minister and Team Leader, Northern Baptist Association
Rev Phil Barnard, Regional Minister and Team Leader, London Baptist Association
Carl Smethurst, Regional Minister for Mission, South West Baptist Association
Rev Hayley Young, Minister at Panshanger Church
Gemma Dunning, Minister Leytonstone United Free Church
Graham Ensor, Regional Minister and Team Leader ,Yorkshire Baptist Association
Rev'd Dr Helen Paynter, Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, Bristol Baptist College
Rev Trevor Neill, Ministry Team Leader, Selsdon Baptist Church, Croydon
Rev Mike Lowe, Communications Enabler, Baptist Union of Great Britain
Rev'd Dr Craig Gardiner, Tutor South Wales Baptist College
Rev Steve Tinning, Minister at Leigh Road Baptist Church
Rev. Ashley Lovett, Minister, Socketts Heath Baptist Church, Grays
Rev Stuart Davison, Regional Team Leader,South Eastern Baptist Association
Reverend Gale Richards, Zion Baptist Church, Cambridge
Revd Nigel Cowgill , District Chair Methodist Church
Jack Key, British Methodist Church
Mandy Harris , Gillingham Methodist Church
Rev Nel Shallow, Grantham & Vale of Belvoir Methodist Circuit
Lesley Hatton, The Avenue Methodist
Revd Nathan Falla, Superintendent Minister | Newark & Southwell Methodist Circuit
Rev Louise Morrissey, Lowestoft and East Suffolk Methodist Circuit
Kathryn Hodkinson, Spring Vale Methodist Church, Darwen, Lancs
Rachel Rackley, Methodist Church
Rev Paul Graham, Clare Baptist Church
Revd Katie Leonowicz, The Methodist Church in Sheffield
Martin Wells-Gaston, New Eltham Methodist Church
Joanna Austin , Rustington Methodist Church
Rev Duncan MacBean, Methodist Church, Orpington & Chislehurst, London
David Howe, Heanor Baptist Church
Louisa Haynes, Student Minister at Queens
The Revd. Dr. John P. Bradbury, Downing Place United Reformed Church, Cambridge.
Julie Wilkinson
Rev Michael Shaw, Devonport Community Baptist Church
Jessica Ryn , River Methodist Church
Joan Lewis , Methodist
Beverley Taylor, Ridge Lane Methodist Church
Revd. Dr. Paul Glass, Chaplain, Kent College, Canterbury
Rachel Burgin, Christchurch Hitchin
Susan Ward, Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham, RH13 5BD
Rev Paul Critchley, Poulton-le Fylde Methodist Church
Craig Holmes , St Richard's Church, Hanworth
Revd John Hayes, Methodist Church
Fiona de Boltz, Methodist
Hilary Treavis, Peachcroft Christian Centre
Tom Fisk, Canterbury Baptist Church
Jackie Hamilton , Christchurch, Hitchin
Nicki Smith, Lindley Methodist Church
Mary Ratcliffe, Wesley Cambridge
Rev'd Alan Brand, RENEW Church, Cambridge
Rev Ashley Cooper, Cliff College (Methodist Training College)
Jonathan Glenn, Kings Church, Bangor, Co Down
Rev Charity Nzegwu, Methodist Church
Rev Rick Ormrod, Rhyddings, West End, Stanhill & Cambridge St Methodist Churches
Revd Daniel Dupree, Faith Community at the Bridge
Rev Peter Timothy, Park Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth
Mrs Grace Masara, Anlaby Methodist Church
Christine Morgan, Wokingham Methodist Church
Jessica Rush , Feock Methodist Church
Rev Stephen Copson, Regional Minister, Central Baptist Association
Rebecca Nolan , Grand Union Vineyard Church, Milton Keynes
Jennifer Clarke, Wesley Methodist Church Caerphilly
Martin Clarke, Elvet Methodist Church, Durham
Rev Rach Ward, South Nottingham Methodist Circuit
Professor David Bowler, Arbury Road Baptist Church, Cambridge
Revd Ruth Fry, Methodist
Rev Lewis Rees, Nottage General Baptist & Unitarian Chapel
Rev Mark Massey, The Free, Frinton On Sea
Steve Little , Christchurch Hitchin
Ruby Beech, Methodist Church
Alison Gray, Fulbourn URC
Susan Kay Tuke, Strensall Methodist Church
Stephen Smith, Greenfield Baptist and Congregational Church, Urmston
Anthony Brian Martin, Methodist Church
Sharon Beck, Fulwood Methodist Church
Rev. Mark Davison, Upminster Baptist Church
Revd Paul Whittle, Moderator Eastern Synod United Reformed Church
The Rev'd Dr Julie Gittoes , St Mary's & Christ Church Hendon
Sally Graham, Methodist
Sharon Keevill, Nexus Methodist Church
Angela Bowhill , Leigh Road Baptist Church, Leigh-On-Sea
Deacon Samantha Taylor, Methodist Church
Karen Bugg (Minister in Training), Wokingham Baptist Church
Yvonne Ryan,
James Grahan, Winterley Methodist Church
Ruth Bourne, Methodist
Anne Hackling , Pontllanfraith Methodist church
Revd Melanie Smith, Enfield United Reformed Churches
Rev Andrea Sims, Gwent hills and vales Methodist circuit
Charles Mather, United Reformed Church
Janice Mills, Wellington Church of Scotland
Rev Andrew Howorth, Chaplain at University of Bradford
Andrew Dye, Methodist Church
Steve Gordon , Priory Methodist Bedford
Rev Dr Craig Gardiner, South Wales Baptist College
Ben Clowes , Nidd Valley Methodist Circuit
Louise Detain, West Bridgford Methodist church
Jonathan May, Methodist
Emma Hughes, Ashford Common Methodist
Enid Scott, Norton Community Church (Methodist)
Rev Cherry Sandover, St Mark the Evangelist
Rachael Hawkins , Methodist minister, Hertfordshire
The Revd Dr Brett Gray, Church of England (Chaplain of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge)
Claire Nicholls, New Addington Baptist Church
Rev Patrick D Stonehewer, Methodist Church
Michael Carpenter, Central Methodist Church Launceston Cornwall
Nicolas Hookey, Rising Brook Community Church
Revd Iain A. Pope, Holly Lodge Baptist Church, Ipswich
Isabel Stainsby, Scottish Episcopal
Revd Tony Price, Church of England, St Mary the Virgin Thame
Sharon Taylor, Okehampton Baptist Church
Simon Evans-White, Baptist Union of Great Britain
Rev Dan Yarnell, the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland
Rev Dan Yarnell, the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland
Rev Dan Yarnell, National Coordinator, the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland
Margaret Squire, Fulwood Methodist Church, Preston, Lancashire
Jez Hackett, Bury Methodist Circuit
Student Deacon Helen Lunn, New River Methodist Circuit
Rev John S Smith, Bridgnorth Baptist Church
Jenny Mayo, St martins walsall
Jenny Cornell, Bristol& South Glos Methodist circuit
Reverend Janet Aspey, Altrincham Methodist Circuit
Valerie Carpenter , Central Methodist Church Launceston
The Revd Catherine Dixon, East Anglia District of the Methodist Church
Rev Claire Blatchford, Cranham Baptist Church
Revd. Barbara Evans-Routley , Methodist Church
Susan Applegate, Christ Church Ramsbottom
Revd Val Reid, Hinde Street Methodist Church
Rev Jenny Few , Trustee, Wellspring, Wirksworth Derbyshire
David Scott , Methodist
Sally Barnes, Church of England
Rev Philip Jackson, Cornerstone Methodist Church, Wigton
Rev Jonathan Bishop, Croxley Green Baptist Church
Steph Wynne-Davey, Oasis Hub, Bath
Stuart Kenneth Masters, The Religious Society of Friends
Paul Dominiak, Church of England
The Revd Bonnie Evans-Hills, Anglican
Neil Messer, United Reformed Church
Eric Howard Brook, Doxford Place Methodist Church Cramlington
Dr Frances Clemson, Church of England
Ann Smith, Methodist Church
Rev. Wendy Tucker, Calne, Bromham and Seend Methodist Churches and St Alhelms, Corsjam
Revd Lee Johnson, Regional Minister London Baptist Association
Rev Amy Adeniran, Whiteley Church, Church of England.
Dr Jon Curtis, The Methodist Church in Britain
Hazel Chick, St Martins and St Meriadoc, Camborne
Revd David Faulkner, Knaphill and Byfleet Methodist Churches
Rev Dr Kathy Galloway, Co-Leader, The Iona Community
Canon Jenny Humphreys, St Andrew's Banwell, Church of England
Andrew Openshaw, Homelands Free Church
Dudley Coates, Methodist (Local Preacher and former Vice President of Methodist Conference)
Emma Nash, Methodist Church House and Leigh Road Baptist Church
Cheryl Gurnham, Wesley's Chapel and Leysian Mission, City Road, London
Jacqui Gillon, Swanbank Burslem Stoke on Trent
Andrew Waugh, Stockton Baptist Church
Revd Rachel Hope, Methodist
Revd Adrian Wood, London Colney Baptist Church
Revd. Glen, Charles, Graham, Cullompton Baptist Church. Chair of Churches For All, a disability network
Angela Long, Superintendent of the Epworth and Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit
Rev'd Darren Pike, Eastwood Baptist Church, Essex
Rev'd Dr. Jason Clare Boyd, Witney Congregational Church
Judy Ford, Methodist
Revd. Jonathan Somerville, Woodford Baptist Church, London
Jenny Spouge , Methodist
Nannette Hulse , Swan Bank Methodist Mission
John Whitehead , Methodist
Rev'd Stephanie Hunter, United Benefice of Cumberworth Denby Denby Dale and Shepley, Church of England Diocese of Leeds
Kenneth McKenzie, Jesmond Methodist Church
Ken Cansell, Havering road Methodist Church
Rev Linda Hopkins , Waterloo United Free Church, Liverpool
Sheridan Pengelly, Methodist
Amanda England, St Mark's Methodist Church
Angela Yvonne Clark, Rochester Cathedral
The Rev Gareth Hill, The Methodist Church
Rev. David Tubby, Heaton Baptist Church
Adam Dixon, Holy Trinity Jesmond
Rev Martin Hatfield, Minister, Kingshill Baptist Church
Linda King, Thundersley Methodist
Rev Peter Spence , Warley Baptist Church
Rev Sean Fountain , Pier Avenue Baptist Church Clacton on Sea
Sam Willis, Brunswick Methodist Church, Newcastle
Janice Clark, Methodist
Malcolm Aspey, Altrincham Methodist Church
Paul Graham, Clarence Baptist Church
Rev. Dr Edward Pillar, Evesham Baptist Church
Rev'd Will Fletcher , Beacon Methodist Church, Sheffield
The Revd David Butterworth, Methodist Church Birmingham District
Martyn Goss, Former Director for Church & Society, Exeter Diocese
Valerie Mary Pocock, St. George's and St. Paul's. Tiverton. Devon.
Hester Higton, Church of England
Liesbeth Edwards, Droitwich Spa Methodist
Rev Christopher Cheeseman , Supernumerary Methodist Minister
Rev Clare Hooper, Regional Minister (children, youth and families) Southern Counties Baptist Association and tutor (children, youth and families) Bristol Baptist College
Clare Barnett, Hartshill Quaker Meeting
Rev. Matthew Cottington, Millbridge Church, Minehead
Ann Swindale, Skewen Methodist
Revd Kathryn Price, United Reformed Church
Nikki street, Mansfield vineyard
christine luddington, Croxley Green Baptist
Andrew Letby, Methodist Church, Croydon
Gillian Hiles, St. Faith's Church, Gaywood
Revd Joel Ward, Upton Vale Baptist Church, Torquay
Rev'd Natalie Hackett , Oldham and Saddleworth Methodist Circuit
Michael Bullock, Carlton Rd URC
Donna Drouin , Valley Christian Fellowship, Harby and windmill church and christian artists together
Kathleen Melling , Methodist Church
Sue Harrington, Dorset Gardens Methodist, Brighton
Brian Haymes Didsbury Baptist Church, Manchester
Ann Price St Paul's Methodist Centre, Aberystwyth
Louise Webber, Broadway Baptist Church
Amy Barker, Walsgrave Baptist Church
Nigel Chanter, Isca Church
Rev. Anne Cash, Harwood Methodist Church
Rev Dorothee Buurma, Heath & Havering Group of United Reformed Churches
Revd Steve Jakeman, Tadcaster Methodist Circuit
Christian MacLean, Co-Leader, the Iona Community
Reverend David Burrow, Methodist
Alison Ransome, Lancaster Methodist Church
Delyth Wyn Davies, Former President Baptist Union of Wales Welsh Assembly
Rev Andrew Goldsmith, Ampthill Baptist Church
Mrs Denise Ann Healy, St Andrew's URC Chesterfield Derbyshire
Marilyn Pratt, Tipton Green Methodist Church
Andrew Jackson, Harrow Baptist Church
Susie Fox, Methodist
James Blackhall, Layworker, Leicester Trinity Methodist Circuit
Mark Carrick, Renishaw Methodist Church
Bob Fyffe, General Secretary, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Andy Glover, HBC Chester
Paul Northup, Greenbelt Festival
Rev Owen Griffiths, Carmel Church
Caroline Fielding, Withington Methodist
Chris Royton, Methodist
Rev Branwen Rees, URC East Wales Regional Minister
Maureen Carter, Arnold Methodist Church, Nottingham
Revd Beth Powney, Regional Minister, Eastern Baptist Association
David Tank, Holy Trinity Brussels
Deacon Selina Nisbett, Wantage and Abingdon Methodist circuit
Richard Armiger, The Methodist Church
Rev Charlie Ingram, Bessels Green Baptist Church, Sevenoaks, Kent
Rev Rose Uitterdijk, Ellesmere Port Community Ministry
Ian Myers, The Avenue United Church, Newton Abbot
Stella Dudzic, Skipton Baptist
Liz Jarvis Mustard, Seed Edinburgh
Antony Oakley, Morpeth Methodist Church
Thomas Diaz, Scottish Episcopal Church
Star Sui Lin Gallagher, Trinity Methodist Church
Anthony John Morris, Manley Park Methodist Manchester Circuit
Susan Cord, Church of Scotland
Revd. Tom Cox, Oadby Baptist Church
Philip Grasham, Northfield Baptist Church
Amy Harris, Hope Chapel
Geoffrey Best, Aley Green Methodist Church
Rev'd Alan M Taylor, The Methodist Church
Mary McKinnell, St Mary's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen
Keith Norman, Bethesda Methodist, Cheltenham
Alison Judd, Hedge End Methodist Church
Angela Doyle, Droylsden Methodist
Celia Summerfield, Ely Methodist Church
Christine Elliott, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Lorraine Webb, United Reformed and Methodist churches
Ainslie Clelland, St Ninians Episcopal church, Dundee
Colin David May, St. John's Methodist Church, Hereford
Val Spouge, The Methodist Church
Kevin, Methodist
Catherine Kennedy, Anglican
Christine Dye, Methodist
Rachel Lampard, The Methodist Church
Helen Taylor , Sandal Methodist church
Christopher Charles Cory , The Methodist Church
Rev. Jennifer McKenzie, Methodist
Elizabeth Anne Armitage, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh
Maya Conway, St Oswald's CofE Church, Durham
Rev. Angela Singleton, Wesley Methodist Church High Wycombe
Emma Hatherley , Trinity Methodist church South Elmsall
The Revd Steve Faber, Moderator, West Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church
Rev Matt Lunn, New River Methodist Circuit
Revd Dr Michael Peat, Free Church Chaplain, University of Bristol
Elizabeth Haigh, Hemsworth Methodist Church
Revd Dr Michael Peat, Free Church Chaplain, University of Bristol
Dominic O'Rourke , Methodist church
Mrs Caroline Hutchings, Dogsthope Methodist Peterborough
Debra Lynn Perrin, Methodist
Katherine Crewe, High Street Methodist Church
Rev Dr Jonathan Dean, Director of Learning for Ministry, Methodist Church
Malcolm Bromhall, Bicester, Buckingham & Brackley Methodist Circuit
Rev Liam Dacre-Davis, Walsall Methodist Circuit
Professor John Irving, Kingston Quaker Meeting
Rev. Dr. Thomas Barlow, Frankley Grace Community Church
Heather Barcroft, Scottish Episcopal Church
Karen Hurr, Hayle Methodist Church, Cornwall
Francis Brienen, United Reformed Church
Rev Helen Baker, Orchard Baptist Church
Rev Jona Sewell, Newcastle West Methodist Circuit
Charlotte Bavington, Winterley Methodist Church
Susan King, Queens Road Baptist Church, Broadstairs
Professor Chris Petrie TSSF, Church of England
Melissa Kane, Kilsyth Methodist Church
Melanie Ndzinga, Quaker
Rev. Ruth Eluned Wood, Dewsbury Baptist Church
Mrs Zoë Gregg, C of E Telford, Shropshire
Revd. Jane Robson, Tilehouse Street Baptist, Hitchin
Paul M Collins , Church of England
Michele Simms, Nottingham & Derby Methodist District
Revd David Hardman, Superintendent Hyde & Denton Methodist Circuit
Joyce Pipet, Brean Methodist
Jill Martin, Overend Methodist Mission
Eleanor Toye Scott, St Mark's Church, Newnham, Cambridge (C of E)
Sarah Bingham, Green Lane Baptist Church, Walsall
Alister McClure, The Beverley Circuit, Methodist Church
Rev. Peter Mortlock, Portishead Methodist Church
Valerie J Spencer, Bury St Edmunds Methodist Church
Peter Scarlett, The Bay Church Whitley Bay
Rosemary Hancock, Newhall Methodist
Reenie Sherriffs , Mustard Seed Edinburgh
Gabriel Gidi, Methodist Church
Jacqueline Ainsworth , Nexus Methodist Church, Bath
David Andrews, Scottish Episcopal Church
Revd. Laura Gimeno , Great Ashby Community Church
Revd Peter Burns, Nailsea Baptist Church
Catriona Robertson, St Olaf's Scottish Episcopal Church, Kirkwall
Samantha Gillard , Bromyard Road Methodist Church
Susan Readshaw, Springdale Methodist, Wolverhampton
Sue Grimley, Pocklington Methodist Church
David Newlove, The Methodist Church
Revd Dr Peter Stevenson, Principal, South Wales Baptist College, Cardiff
Peter J Eccles, Quaker
Ken Peden, Methodist
Elaine Colechin, United Reformed Church
Ruth Yorke , Methodist Church
Julie Aylward, Prison Chaplain
David Barber, Brough Methodist
Christine Wisdom, Bethesda Methodist
Rev. James Thomas, Caldwell Heath Baptist Church
Ralph Graham Carter, Methodist Church
Karen James, Methodist Church
Rev Dr David Clements, Chair CSR, Methodist Church in Ireland
Barbara Cory, local preacher & foodbank volunteer, Stonehouse Methodist Church
Revd Bev Thomas, Ecumenical
Patricia Earlam, Trinity Chapel LEP (Wrexham Methodist youth worker)
Rev Stuart Dennis, Carey Baptist Church, Moulton, Northampton
Rev'd Rachel Hartland, Associate Priest, Church of England
Ruth Parrott, Wells Green Methodist Church and Chester and Stoke-on-Trent District MWiB
Revd James Taylor, Cirencester Ashcroft Church
Diana Hall, Scottish Episcopal Church
Roger Barrett
Roxanne Bainbridge, Buckley Cross Methodist Church
Jan Davies, Jersey Marine Methodist Church
Rev David P Gray, Methodist Church
Sarah Jones, The City Parish of St John The Baptist, Cardiff
Richard Murray, Scottish Episcopal
Graham Rouse, Redhill Baptist Church
Rev Mandy Briggs, The New Room, Bristol
Rev Anthony Pick, Methodist
Hannah Dodd, Brierley Hill Methodist Church
Rev Anthony Pick, Methodist
Dr Eric Stoddart
Alexandra Ellish, Amott Road Baptist Church
Rodney Hill, Methodist
Rev Rosamunde Page, Huddersfield Circuit
Captain Kate Gregory, Deal Salvation Army
Revd David Haslam MBE, Evesham Methodist
Samantha Berry, Charlton Kings Baptist Church
Penny Weynberg, Elder United Reformed Church Brackenhall
Mrs Anne Berry, Charlton Kings Baptist Church
Charlotte Harding , Dudley Central Methodist church
Rev'd A. Louise Makin, Darwen and Haslingden Methodist Church
Revd Jane Rowell, United Reformed Church Northern Synod
Sarah Cooke, Evesham Methodist Church
Liz Eddington, Quaker
Robert Creamer, Leeds North and East Methodist Circuit
Gillian Womersley, Kirkham Methodist Church
Maurice Frank, Priory, South Queensferry and Old St Paul's, Edinburgh
Rev. Robert Almond, United Church Ferndown
Sarah Jones, Westdale Lane Baptist Church
Rev Aidan Watson, Christ Church Downend
Chris Dobson, Christ Church, Downend
Katharine Davies, Kirkham Methodist
Alan Harrington, Queens Road Baptist Church, Broadstairs
Susie Dobson, Christ Church Downend
Simon Hall, Revive Baptist Church, Leeds
Lesley Marshal, Cornerstone Church Methodist/URC LEP
Jacqui Hanbury , Harrowby Lane Methodist church
Deidre Homer, Methodist church
Olive Johns, Truro Methodist Church
Simon Jones, Herne Hill Baptist
The Reverend David John Speirs, Clowes Memorial, Bricknell Avenue and Trinity Methodist Churches in Hull
Derek Marshall, Cornerstone Methodist Church
Geraldine Ferry, Acomb Methodist Church, York
Petko Marinov, Digital Missioner for the Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway, Scottish Episcopal Church
Serena Lindsay, Beeston Methodist Church
Frances McCart, East Mains Baptist church
Rev Julie Ann Letts, Somerset Mendip Methodist Circuit
Susan Owen, St James the Less, Penicuik
Revd Phil Warrey, Herefordshire South and East Circuit of the Methodist Church
Gill Songer, Maldon Methodist Church
Emily Barry, Cascade Methodist Church
Rev Dr Kate Coleman, Next Leadership
Professor Peter Hungerford-Welch, St Andrew's Anglican & Methodist Church, Paddock Wood
Kirsty Barker, Ashby Wesley
Peter Yates, World Development Advisor, Diocese of Leicester
Suzanne Miller, Methodist
Freda Taylor, Methodist Church, York Circuit
Robert David Letby, Methodist
Rev Bev Boden , Aldridge Methodist Church
Peter Boait, Bethesda Methodist Church Cheltenham
Warren Hartley, St Bride's Liverpool
Julia Childerhouse, St. Paul's Chippenham
Julie Bryan, West Craven Baptist Fellowship
Ruth Moss, Irthlingborough Methodist Church
Anthony William Dickinson, Church of England
Jane McFarland, Methodist church
Rev. David Wynd, Cullercoats Methodist Church and Cullercoats Fisherman's Mission
Maureen Jack, St Leonard's Parish Church, St Andrews
Revd Mark Slaney, Methodist Church – Chair Scotland & Shetland Districts
Hilary Waterhouse, Methodist Church or Great Britain and Ireland
Rev. Allan Loudon, Supernumerary minister of Methodist Church in Scotland
Revd Kathryn Morgan, Former BUGB Mission Adviser
Brigid O'Connor, St Nicholas Church Codsall
Kathryn Read, Bromyard Road Methodist Church
Caroline Mason, Hunslet Methodist Church, Leeds
Simon Clarke, St Agnes Methodist Church
Revd Dr Fiona Haworth, Associate Priest St Peter Mancroft, Church of England
Paul Hudson, Lidgett Methodist Church
Rachel Wood, Methodist
Rev Andrew M Clark, Hertford Baptist Church
Rev. Andrew Kleissner, Christchurch United Church, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff
Keeva Austin, Castle Hill Baptist Church
Revd Ian Worsfold, The Methodist Church
Deacon Bob Stoner, Todmorden Central Methodist Church
Marie Holmes, Warren Park Cafe church
Rev. Julie Doddrell, Boston Methodist Circuit
Clare Saunders, High Street Methodist Church, Witney, Oxfordshire
Rev'd Dave Warnock, Methodist Church, Bramhall and Wythenshawe Circuit
Rev Liz Shaw, United Reformed Church
Martina Rogers, Sharnbrook Evangelical Church
Kim Croydon, Trinity Methodist Church, Clitheroe
Valerie Donoghue, Witney & Faringdon Methodist Circuit
Anthea Clough, Well Baptist Church, Ansdell
Paul Peters, Emmanuel Church, Redditch
Matthew Phillips, Elvet Methodist Church, Durham
Ian Parsons, Bere Alston United Church (Methodist/URC)
Jane Parker, Methodist
Helen Jones, Central Methodist Church Preston
Robin Turner, Barnoldswick Baptist
Jacqui Gummer, Knowle Methodist Church
Eric Frank Davey, Chesterfield Road South Methodist Church, Mansfield
Elfrida Mary Ruth Chislett-McDonald, Life @ the Centre Methodist Church, Nottingham
Eric G. Lambert, Lidgett Grove Methodist Church, York
Marcia Hurley, St David's Uniting Church, Pontypridd
Louise Beirne, Church of Ireland
Hilary Mak, Redhill Baptist Church
The Revd Canon Ann Clake, Church of England
Richard Long, Blackhorse Road Baptist Church
Rev Elizabeth Squires, Pennar Community Church, Pembroke Dock
Colin Waldock, North Kent Methodist Circuit
Gary Alderson, Assistant Priest, Church of England
Rev. David J. Collinson, Methodist
Richard Garrett, Coal Aston Methodist
Lesley Cook, Springdale Methodist Church
Rev Dwayne Morgan, Inclusive Community Church, Bournemouth
Dr Gavin Merrifield, Trustee, The Science and Religion Forum
Andy Skitt, The Methodist Church
Reverend Rosemary Bungard, St Columba's Episcopal Church
Kathryn Hutton, Harrowby Lane Methodist Church
Maggie Issaka, Truro Methodist Church
Mrs Anne M. Collinson, Anniesland Methodist Church Glasgow
Zwelo Dube, Horley Methodist Church, Surrey
Revd Dr Hazel Sherman, West Worthing Baptist Church
Andrew Swift, Scottish Episcopal Church
Karen Jenkins , Spendmore Lane Methodist Church Coppull, Chorley
Philippa Hill, SHR Methodist Church, Bolton
Barbara Turner, Bethesda Methodist Cheltenham
Elaine Fletcher, Thatcham Methodist
Alison Starkey
Dr Rosemary Power, Church of Scotland
Dr Steffan Davies, Victoria Methodist Church, Bristol
Dilys Few, Market Harborough Baptist Church
Helen Carter, Wantage Methodist Church
Walter John Hurfurt, Ashbourne Methodist Church
Nicola Jane Hoyle, Gledholt Methodist
Esther Elliott, Old Saint Pauls Edinburgh
Molly Boot, Minister in Training, New Road Baptist Church
Sarah Wilson, Methodist Church
Rev. John Turner, Supernumerary Minister Methodist Church
Claire Heywood , Kirkheaton United Church
Rev'd Dr Mike Bossingham, The Methodist Church
Gail Balfour, Netherton Methodist Church
Chris Fallone, North Manchester Deanery
Patricia Quirke, Methodist Church
Richard Harris, St James Mangotsfield
Rev Carol Backhouse, Benefice of Northallerton
June Leeke, Windmill Community Church
Revd. Ian S. Rutherford, Methodist Central Hall, Manchester
Patrick Coyle, Chair of the Board of Cytûn, Churches Together in Wales
Kathleen Nicholson, All Saints C of E Market Weighton
Dr Nigel Pimlott, CofE n Muskham
William Taylor, Sharnford Methodist Church
Tracy Agathou, Illingworth Moor Methodist
Revd Alison Crookes, North Kirklees and Morley Circuit, Methodist Church
Major Sarah Evans , The Salvation Army North London Division
The Revd Canon Andi Hofbauer, Vicar of St Aidan's Church, Harehills, Leeds, Diocese of Leeds
Major David M Evans, The Salvation Army Ecumenical & Interfaith Officer UK
Rev Dan Balsdon, Bognor Regis, Felpham & Westergate Methodist Church
Alison Gunderson, Gulval Methodist Church, Penzance
Nick Biggar, Grassmoor Methodist Church
Adam Gray, Community Missioner, St John's Percy Main and St Peter's Balkwell
Paul Waterhouse, St. Pancras, London
Dr Rachel Holdforth, Lay Chaplain, CIGB and St Philip's Anglican Cathedral, Birmingham
Jean Potter, Hope Baptist Church, Plymouth
Robin Barden, CofE
Deacon Laura MacBean, Bromley Methodist Circuit
Matthew Wyllie, St Oswald's Episcopal Church, Maybole
Elena Markova, All Saints Whitstable
Revd Ricky Turner, St Albans Diocese
Helen Deaville , Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church
Kim Pamela Osborne, Methodist Church
Revd Rachel J Borgars , Methodist Superintendent Minister, Kennet & Test Valley Circuit
Jean Plummer, Christ Church, Downend, Bristol
Revd Timothy Nicholls , St Peter's Methodist Church, Canterbury
Mark Billard , Sunderland Millfield Salvation Army
Rev Dr Rhona Knight, Sleaford Parish Church
Mrs Chris Stand, Bromyard Road Methodist Church, Worcester
Jackie Butcher, Christ Church, Dore
John Baxter-Brown, CEO, Global Connections
Lynn Darke, St Mark's Portobello
Deacon Bob Stoner, Methodist Church
Jenny and Derek Palmer, Charlton Kings Baptist Church
Deacon Alison McMillan , Methodist Central Hall Westminster
William Gibson , Church of England
Simon Sarmiento, Churchwarden, Knaresborough Holy Trinity (CofE)
Heather Peach, Methodist church
Rev'd Dr Stephen Edwards, Wythenshawe CofE Team, Manchester
Judith Crow, Scottish Episcopal Church
Pat White, Brixton Baptist Church
Adam John Meredith, Crewe by Farndon
Revd Richard Wise, Rector, Parish of Bishopstoke, Eastleigh
Helen M Mee, United Reformed Church
Janet Crozier, Glazebury Methodist
Major Sharon Robinson, The Salvation Army, Midsomer Norton
Rev James Henley, Budleigh Salterton Baptist Church
Nigel Newlyn, URC of Eastcote & Northwood Hills
Christine O'Luanaigh, St Marys Iwerne Minster
Revd Janet Pybon, Superintendent, Blackpool Methodist Circuit
Deacon Annette Sharp, Methodist Churches, Romiley Circuit
Elizabeth Parkinson, Member of Methodist Church
Revd Dr Richard Frith, Holy Trinity & St Jude, Halifax
Joyce Smale , St. Paul's Church Salisbury Wilts
Simon lidwell, St John's Dumfries
Karen marshall, St Clements Church Urmston
Danielle Wilson, New Inclusive Church Birmingham
Christopher Rayson, Castle Street Methodist Church, Cambridge
Rev David Winstanley, North East Somerset & Bath Methodist Circuit
Jamie Dick, City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Reverend Sally Coleman, Methodist Church
Rev Ruth Gookey, Christ the King Community Church, Milton Keynes
Joan Rippingale , Nexus Methodist Bath
Heather Cooper, Oakwood Church
Deacon Janet Jenkins, Methodist Church
Rev Karen Slayen, Benefice of St Peter and St Paul. Westleigh
Giles Parker, Together
Canon John Nightingale, Church of England
Irebe Johnson, St Philips Cathedral Birmingham
Revd Andrew McMullon, Church of England
Heather Moore, Church@Community
Olive Fleming Drane, Scottish Episcopal Church
Rev Stuart Smith, West Pennine Moors Methodist Circuit
Gill Jewell, Grove Methodist Church Horsforth Leeds
Pearl Luxon, The Methodist Church of GB
John Stuart Bain, Church of England
Barbara Harrison, Pollokshaws Methodist Church
Sue Bliault, Redhill Baptist church
Major Gareth Dickens, The Salvation Army, Macclesfield
Melvyn Ingleson, FREELAND CHURCH
Julia Prescott, Quaker
Roy Jackson, Methodist Church
Rev Lesley Jones, St Michael's C of E Church (Sittingbourne)
Luke Bosman, Bamber Bridge Methodist Church
Rev. Norman Robert Graham, Denny Baptist Church
Catherine Clowes, Nidd Valley Methodist Circuit
Ben Williams, Trinity Methodist Church, Leighton Buzzard
Barbara Ingleson, Freeland Church Bridge Of Weir
Mark Rowland, Methodist
The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, Church of England (Dean Emeritus of Durham)
Gill Watts, Grangewood Methodist Church
Anna Benedikz, Quaker and C of E
James Eaton-Challinor, Methodist
Bernard Fidder, URC
Elinor Dixon, Cathays Methodist Church
Kirsti Jones, Kirkwall Baptist Church
Revd Tim Seago, Church of England
Caroline Sanderson , Legal Services Manager, Baptist Union of Great Britain
Major Simon Wright, Enniskillen Salvation Army
John Philip Sandford , Bramhall Methodist
Revd Canon Lisa Battye MA,MTh,MProf, Church of England
The Revd Adam J Beaumont, Team Vicar, Corsham and Lacock Churches and Deanery Missioner
Laura Burton, St Andrews URC
Christine Stark, City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Revd. Michael Williams, The Methodist Church
Major Abby Howe, Cambridge Heath Salvation Army
Ella Aitken, St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow
Darren Jalland, Church of Scotland
Anne Yvonne Bennett (Reverend), The Church of the Ascension, Blackheath
Paul Hart, Nominal RC
Dr. Martyn Evans, Lorton Street Methodist, Cockermouth
Malcolm Sharp MBE, Methodist
Mrs Judy Tasker, Houghton-le-Spring Methodist
Rev Peter Dominey, Church from Scratch
Dottie North, Shirehampton Methodist Church, Bristol
Ceri Howard , Trinity Methodist, Hexham
Elizabeth Breuilly , All Saints Ecumenical Church, Loughton, Milton Keynes
James Tucker, Bratton Fleming Baptist Church
Kristie Legg , Kirkham Methodist Church
Rev Gillian Rosemary Baalham , The Methodist Church – North
Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit
Steven Sutton, Harrowby Lane Methodist Church
Andy Potter, Associate Minister, Bessels Green Baptist Church
Christine Johnson, Liberton Kirk
Rev Martin Truscott , Cardington United Church
Revd. Edward Kelly (Retired)., Bury Baptist Church.
Bethan Jones, United Free Church Cowbridge
Linda Margaret Barber, Brought Methodist Church East Yorkshire
Dr. Angela Mak, Holy Trinity Shaw, Swindon
Rev Sue Shortman, The Methodist Church
Rosalind Lund, Church of England
Eunice Rahim, South Oxhey Methodist church
Terry Mattinson, Catholic Church
Rev Louise Polhill, The Grove Centre Church
Deirdre Brower Latz, Principal, Nazarene Theological College
Revd Donald Ker, Methodist Church
Mike Redshaw, Methodist Church
Fr Christopher Wilson, Vicar of All Saints Leamington Spa
Linda Hoeft, Trinity Methodist Church Winterton North Lincolnshire
Joseph Nelson, Lutheran Church in Great Britain
Rev Dr Judith Rossall, Methodist
Paul Harvey, The Salvation Army, Edinburgh Gorgie Corps
Dawn Nadim, Wellington Methodist Church
Ruth Watkins, Aylesbury Methodist
Jenny Smith, None
Ian Barnett , Beulah Baptist Church – Bexhill (Member)
Jackie Thackray , St Laurence North Wingfield
Jacqui Green, Stony Stratford Community Church
Belinda Letby, Methodist Church
Eunice Attwood, New Inclusive Church, Birmingham
The Revd Steven Cooper, Minister, Wesley's Chapel & Leysian Mission
Revd Ray Borrett, Methodist Church
Rev. Peter Powers , The Methodist Church
Tom Ibbotson, Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, Oxford
Revd Martyn Groves, UB Chaplain
Ann Tunnard, URC
Fr David Howland, Associate Vicar, Parish of Colgate and Roffey
Raamy Nadim , Methodist
Deacon Helen Coleman, Sankey Valley Methodist Circuit
Dave Chennells, Scotter Methodist
Rev James Sharp, The Parish of Winton, Moordown & Charminster in Bournemouth
H. Richard Hall, Methodist Church
Michael Hopkins, United Reformed Church
Miranda Coe, Penketh Methodist
Major Estelle Blake, The Salvation Army
Deacon Carys Woodley, Methodist
Heather Hammerton, St. Andrews Paddock Wood
Rev Delyth Liddell, Methodist Church, University Chaplain
Richard P Crowe, The Salvation Army
Rev Marg Hardcastle, Stoke Baptist Church
Jennifer Holden, Scottish Episcopal Church
Revd Heather Weddell, Cowbridge United Church
Rev Dr R F Le�£o-Neto, Harlesden – Brent
Rev Dr Lina Toth, Assistant Principal, Scottish Baptist College
Linda Gowans, Church of England
Deacon Susan Fry, Coventry and Nuneaton Methodist Circuit
Iain Gray, Davenport Road Methodist Church, Witney
Mark Robinson, Midsomer Norton Methodist Church
Caroline Pathak
Rachel Knight , Stockton LEP
The Venerable Christine Allsopp, Church of England
Rev Hilary Howarth, The Triangle Community Methodist Church, Bolton
Caroline Pathak, Northcliffe Church, Shipley
Esther Gladwish, Wednesbury Baptist Church
Revd Helen Scanlan, Church of England
Neil Mould, Westborough Methodist Church, Scarborough
The Revd Alice Goodman, Benefice of Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams, Diocese of Ely
Janet Timperley, Rugby Methodist Church Centre
Anna Holding, High Street Methodist
Marion Chatterley, St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh
Ann Howe, Dale St Methodist Leamington
Rev'd Dawn Saunders, Milton Keynes Methodist Circuit
Keith Jenkins, Former Associate Gen Sec Conference European Churches, Methodist
Sue Moss, Coads Green Methodist Church Cornwall
Sandra Crawford, Leyland Baptist Wigan Baptist
Rev. Julia Skitt, Methodist Church York circuit
Tony Watkins, Above Bar Church
Adrian Smale, St Paul's Salisbury
Rev. M. Louise Donald, Methodist Church in Ireland
Steve Edge, St Timothy's Lutheran Church Sunderland
Glen Marshall, Co-Principal, Northern Baptist College
Rosemary Fernandes, Methodist
Rev Andrew Mumford, South Ashford Baptist Church
Jennifer Walsh, St Esprit Marton
John Peter Fenn, The Methodist Church
Clare Edlington, Healing and Keelby Methodist Church
Susan J O'Hare, Methodist Church
Erica Bowler, BUGB Minister-in-Training, Baptist
Revd Catherine Lewis, Methodist Church of Britain
Moya Waterworth
Alison Hoather, Living Water Methodist church
Rev. Robert Foster, Mid Derbyshire Methodist Circuit
Revd Mike Claridge, The Cotteridge Church, Birmingham (Methodist,
URC, C of E)
Rev Canon Clare MacLaren, Newcastle Cathedral, Church of England
James Cuthbert, United Reform Church/Church of Scotland
Geoffrey Stephen Clarke , The Crossing Methodist/United Reformed Church, Worksop
Revd Nadine Wilkinson, Parchmore Methodist Church and Community Centre
Roy Watson, St. Peters Parish Church, Sompting
Liz Rook, The Salvation Army
John McMenamy, St. Helen's Baptist church
Eleanor Dent, St Andrew and St Teilo, Cardiff
Rev Helen Watson, Methodist
Rik Boland, Lancaster Methodist Church
Jessica Butt, Midhurst Methodist Church
Morag Walder, Holy Trinity Church, Thorpe Hesley LEP
Major Marta Ager, The Salvation Army
Dr John Baker MBE, The Ark Highwoods Methodist Church, Colchester, Essex
Mark Jennings, Baptist
Dr Johan Bergstrom-Allen, Churches Together in York
Rev Ian Gray, Peebles Baptist Church
Joanne Giles , Church of England
Alison Hodson , Church of England
Maureen Burns , Wesley Methodist Church, Caerphilly
Hilary Reed, Trinity Basingstoke
Rev Beverly Hollings, Superintendent, Barnard Castle & Teesdale Methodist Circuit
Louise Chalmers , Colchester Mehodist Circuit
Janet Sutton Webb, Emmanuel Church, Chatteris
Mrs Pamela Walker MBE, Church of England Associate Minister
Sam Clews, St. Peter's Oundle
Ronnie H Wilson, Methodist
Helen Watson, Holmes Chapel Methodist
Elizabeth Heaton, Church of England
Vicki, Herne Bay Salvation Army
Revd Samuel Kalu Owoo, Tyndale Baptist church
Huw Stephens, Co Pastor Bethesda Baptist Rogerstone Newport
The Rev'd Christopher Collins, The Wolverhampton Circuit of the Methodist Church
Rev Jules Middleton, TRINITY Lewes
Joyce Shorley, Mkt. Harborough Methodist
Rev Caroline Rhodes, Vicar of Buttington, Criggion, Guilsfield, Llandrinio, Llandysilio and Penrhos.
Philip Martin Summers, The Methodist Church Gloucestershire
Sandra Hughed, Methodist /URC Whittlesey
Canon Ian Black, Vicar of Peterborough, Canon Peterborough Cathedral
Rev Nigel Adkinson, United Reformed Church
Lauren Forbes, Mustard Seed Edinburgh
Revd Nick Baker, Angus, Dundee & Perthshire Methodist Churches
Barbara Forbes, Quaker (Bull Street Meeting, Birmingham)
Deacon Gwynn Bamford , Methodist church – Bromsgrove & Redditch
Audrey Garrett, Coal Aston Methodist
Jackie Hartrey, Birmingham District MWiB President
Jennifer Dove, Etwall Methodist Church, Derbyshire
Ioan Wardhaugh, Cowbridge United Free Church
Maryke Turvey, Killamarsh Methodist
Susan Richardson, Roman Catholic
David Muskett, East Solent & Downs Methodist Circuit; Haslemere, Lindford, Liphook & Midhurst
Annette Wild , Woodley Methodist Stockport Cheshire
Catherine Frieze, Methodist Church if Great Britain
Revd Joanna Thornton, Methodist
Rachel Peterson , Springdale Methodist Church Wolverhampton
Sue Ball, St Andrews Methodist Church, Stirchley, Birmingham
Alison Dalton, Tonge URC
Elizabeth Clark, National Rural Officer Methodist and United Reformed Church
Hannah Brown, Hinde Street Methodist Church
Helen Wallace, Creech Baptist
Rosalind Christer, Corbridge Methodists
Rev Sarah Parkin, Wolds & Trent Circuit, Methodist Church
Josephine Dunster, Methodist
Natalie Clark, Strathmore Road Methodist Church
Revd. A. Cameron Kirkwood, The Methodist Church
Deacon Janet Stafford, Methodist
Revd Christine Brown, Church of England
Susan Jackson, Methodist Church
Gillian Baskett, Berkswich Methodist Church, Stafford
Revd. Martin Hardwidge, Baptist
Elaine Lee, Calvert Methodist Church, Hastings.
Anne Hollows, Methodist Church
Deacon Julie Hudson, Sankey Valley Methodist Circuit
Janet Bryer, Shildon Methodist Church
Hazel Hillier, Baptist Church
Revd Catherine Bowstead, Berkshire Surrey Borders Methodist Circuit
John Kenvyn Wales, Fulwood Methodist Church, Preston and
Methodist Action North West
Will Fremont-Barnes, JPIT
Lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts, The Salvation Army UK and Ireland headquarters
Alun Williams, St John the Baptist, Peterborough
Anne Browse, Methodist
Margaret Mary Morran, Catholic
Ruth Sprague, Stockland Green Methodist Church
Julie Oates, Methodist
Gillian Haxell, Morpeth Methodist Church
Revd. Bill Mash, Black Country Urban Industrial Mission
Eveline Johnstone, Westbury on Trym Baptist Church
Eileen Tutssel, Matlock Methodist Church
Mark Aldridge, Methodist Church
Terry Hinks, Cores End and High Wycombe United Reformed Churches
Fr Miles Pateman, Benefice of Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams
Canon Margaret Johnson, Church of England
Raamy Nadim, Methodist
Revd Chris Beaumont, St John the Baptist, Leicester
Margaret McAllister, Hexham Abbey
Deacon Judith Stoddart, Methodist
Rev Ivan King, Southend-on-Sea
Revd Tony Bryer, Retired priest, Scottish Episcopal Church
Rev Nadene Snyman, United Reformed Church
Annette Rose, All Saints New Eltham
Janet Warner, Rayleigh Methodist Church
Susan Trotter, Anlaby Park Methodist with Selby Street Mission
Louise Carr, Wolds & Trent Methodist Circuit
Barry Jackson, St Peter's, Kineton
Bernard Stradling, Bethesda Methodist Church, Cheltenham
Susan Ward, Haxby and Wigginton Methodist Church
Rev Anderson Marsh, Anglican/Methodist
Rev Barney Barron, Saltash Baptist Church
David Coppard, Methodist Church Minister
Revd J Elaine Evans SCO, Vicar St Bertelin Stafford
Lisa Barnett, St Alphege Seasalter
Peter Sellick, CIGB Workplace Chaplaincy
Geoffrey Thompson, Church of England
Rev'd Martin Little, United Benefice of East Clevedon (CofE)
Carolyn Clark, Licensed Lay Minister, St Hilda's Ashford
The Revd Dr Alec Corio, St Mary the Virgin, East Barnet, The Church of England
Michael James Sykes, New Road Methodist's, Stourbridge
Ian Wood, Methodist Church
Rev'd Maureen Hobbs, Church of England
Revd Mark Williams, St John's Church, Belmont (a CofE & Methodist LEP)
Revd Sam Q Griffiths, Wellington Baptist Church
Penny Fowler, Long Hanborough Methodist Church
Valerie Fisher, C of E
Phillip Howell , St Wulstans
Rev. Paul Parker, St. Austell Circuit, Methodist Church
Mthr Margaret Oldroyd SCP, St Mary's Plumtree
Paul Bettison , Methodist
Fr. Martin Jackson SCP, St. Cuthbert, Benfieldside & St. John the Evangelist, Castleside
Abby Lintern, Crewkerne and Misterton Baptist Church
Judith Jessop, Methodist Church in Sheffield
Revd Michael Douglass, Gosforth Parish Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne
Rev Paul Regan, Methodist
Sian Mitchell, Midhurst Methodist Church
Helen Porter , Hood Manor Methodist Church
The Revd Derek James Palmer, Vicar of Oldham, The Parish Church of St Mary with St Peter
Stuart James Barker, The Salvation Army – Leeds Central
Deacon Bryanell Rop, Methodist
Rev Miriam Moul, Canterbury and East Kent Methodist Circuit, Dover
Jane Bowater, The Society of Friends (Quakers)
Angela Mary Clarke, Midhurst Methodist church
Roger Lewis, Free Church of Yahweh
Hugh Crawford
David John Tate, Methodist
Emma Barrow, St Mary the virgin Burton Latimer
Daniel Cornick, Chandler's Ford Methodist Church and Hinde Street Methodist Church
Jo Hindley , Cotteridge Quaker Meeting
Lisa Malcolm
Matt Stringer, Methodist Church
Sheila Smith, Havant Methodist Church
Janet Storm, Llangollen Methodist church
Kenneth Thomas, Yate Methodist Church
Karen Brooks, Methodist
Jill Allen, St. Bartholomew's Church, Ducklington
Christine Rotheram, Heywood Baptist Church
Anne Francis, Roman Catholic
Reverend Kim Shorley, Methodist Church
Anne-Marie Organ, St Michael, East Wickham
Nick Parsons, Tyndale Baptist Church, Bristol
Rev'd Stephen Dando, St John's Burgess Hill
Revd Emma Holroyd, North Lancs Methodist Circuit
Catharine Hughes, Methodist Church
Rev James Woolford, Moravian Church
Revd Rachel Deigh, Liverpool Methodist district
Elizabeth Welch, United Reformed Church
Eddie Fowler, Witney and Faringdon Methodist Circuit
Revd Dr Michael I Bochenski, Former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain
Glenys Nicholson, The Pathway, Middleton in Teesdale Methodist Church
Rev Uell Kennedy, Tadcaster Circuit, Methodist
Rev. Dr. Steve Younger, Trustee of Hamilton District Foodbank
Alice McVeigh, Church Church URC, Petts Wood
Lucy Wright, Eltham Park Baptist
Ann Bulley, Bethel English Baptist Church, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales
William Newcomb, Formerly Wood Green Mennonite Church
The Revd Thomas Cameron SCP, Church of England
Debbie Fearn, Darley Dale Methodist
Rev Danielle Leigh, Stafford Baptist Church
Hannah Rachael Miller, Denby Bottles Methodist Church
Rev Joy Adams, Sheffield Methodist Circuit
Paul Hughes, Aldridge Methodist Church
Jacqueline Staite, Dorridge Methodist church
Ruth Prentice, Church of Scotland
Margaret Burke, St Mary the Virgin Church, Fawdon, Newcastle
Martyn Coe, Cumbria URC partnership
Revd Yvonne J Pearson, Dane & Trent Circuit Methodist Church
Lisa Weyland, United Methodist Church
Fr Tony Curtis, St Mark's Church, Shiremoor
Howard Wilson, Horfield Methodist Church, Bristol
David Greatorex, Ashbourne Road, Derby
Heather Sorrell, Methodist Minister
Linda Black, High Street Methodist Church, Harpenden
Biddy Bishop, Polperro Methodist Church
Revd Dr Paul Goodliff , Churches Together in England
Ref Gill Isterling, Thomas Helwys Baptist Church
Major Ian Harris, The Salvation Army, Severn and Somerset Division
Jennifer Quinn, City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Tom Ferguson, St John the Evangelist Aberdeen
Chris Bracey, Wesley Methodist, Caerphilly
Clare Anderson, Methodist Church
Mr Christopher Coleman, Leeds South and West Methodist Circuit
John Cooper, The Cotteridge Church, Birmingham
Martin Borgars, Quaker
James Pate, Mills Hill Baptist Church
Marilyn Evans, Methodist
John D. Anderson, Methodist
Paul Howard, Rutherglen United Reformed Church
Fr. Anthony O'Grady, Parish of Woodhorn with Newbiggin, Diocese of Newcastle
Revd Kat Bracewell, Windsor Baptist Church
Hilary Place, South Harrow Methodist
Jacqueline Somerville, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
Canon Tony Macpherson, Sub Dean Wakefield Cathedral
Rev Dr Bonni-Belle Pickard, North Kent Methodist Circuit
Judith Niechcial, Quakers in Britain
Major Lindsey Toy, Weston Super Mare, The Salvation Army
Deborah Pinfold, Tyndale Baptist Church, Bristol
John Milton Hoyle, Irthlingborough M C, Nene Valley
Rev. Linda M. Phillips, Woodlands Methodist Church, Harrogate
Rev C Mary Austin, SW Worcestershire Methodist Circuit
Susan Wood, The Ark, Highwoods Methodist Church, Colchester
Sarah Keenan-Fox, Catholic
Mark Broadhurst, Ashbourne Methodist
Kevin Dunn, Wesley Methodist Church
Andrew Myall, Rock community church
Revd Dr Jennifer A Hurd, The Methodist Church (Synod Cymru)
Molly Richards, Methodist Church
Robert Lawe, Bricknell Avenue Methodist
Revd. Kathryn Selby, Bury Methodist Circuit
Revd Preb. Angela Berners-Wilson, Quantock Towers Benefice, Somerset
Rev Ros . Murphy , Manchester Methodist Circuit
Peter Frank, Methodist
Rev. Robert J Powell, Methodist Church
Lesley Trott, Peninsula Methodist Church
Rev Dr Tim Macquiban, Director of the Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome, British Methodist Church
Margaret Mansfield, Hollins Lane Methodist Church, Forton, Lancashire
Revd Jo Lightowler, Leeds South and West Circuit
Patricia Darby, Winton Methodist Church Bournemouth
Jane Harper, Methodist Church
Fr John Joyce SCP, Church of England
Alan George Causer, Beckminster Methodist Church Wolverhampton
Reverend Tony Farrar, Supernumerary Methodist Minister
Fr Ralph Hudspeth SCP, Rector, Leeds Diocese Chapter SCP
Revd John Pritchard, Methodist Church
Nigel Bibbings, Methodist Minister in South Bedfordshire
Rev. John Penry Rowland Davies, Retired Baptist Minister
Revd Deborah Mallett, Nailsea and Backwell Methodist Churches
Rev.J.Allan Taylor, Wey Valley Methodist Circuit
Sally Conroy , Sandylands Methodist church
Deacon Jane Harper, North Lancashire Methodist Circuit
Alan Moore, Tipton Green Methodist Church
John C. Newton, Methodist Minister
Audrey Paton, Christchurch, Banstead
Paul McDermott, Lichfield Methodist Church
Rev Anne Jeffrey, Methodist Church in Consett
Reverend Margaret E. Heim, Methodist Church
Lucy Anne Catling , Rugby Methodist Church Centre
Elaine Robinson, Grantham & Vale of Belvoir Methodist Circuit
Revd Jackie Goddard, Fens Methodist Circuit
Roy Edwards, Swanage Methodist
Rev. Peter Dewdney, Fens Methodist Circuit
Heather Marchant, Monks Road Methodist
Rev Linda Barriball, Camelford & Week St Mary Methodist Circuit
Rev Mike Walling, Methodist Canterbury
Revd Eva Walker, Methodist
Robert Raymond Brown, Methodist
K Gripton, Moderator, Churches Together in Brierley Hill
Deacon Sally Wheadon, Methodist Church
Katherine Harvey, St Peters, Inkberrow
Donald Harper, Garstang Methodist
Julie Minns , Chesterfield Methodist Circuit
Patricia Budd, Cinderford Methodist
Revd Simon Edwards, Bristol and South Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit
Judith R Simms, Methodist Women in Britain
Sheila Hines
Revd Stephen Froggatt, Minister: Kingsbury, Blackwood and Four Oaks Methodist Churches
Simon Simpson, Forest Hill Quaker Meeting
June Rhodes, Methodist
Rev Jervis Daniel Yovan, Leicester Trinity
Janet Murray, Broadwaters Methodist Church, Kidderminster, Worcestershire
John Ernest Dyster, Ashbourne Methodist Church
Dr Karen Tomlin, Methodist
Julie Hague, Ockbrook Moravian Church
Marilyn Dore, Methodist Church
Deacon Linda Brown, Plymouth Mission
Revd David Parkes, Peterborough Circuit, The Methodist Church
Rev'd John Anthony Santry, Methodist Church
Christine McDermott, Lichfield Methodist Church
Rev'd Dr Andrew Bowyer, Church of England, Oxford Diocese
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches
Bill Sutherland , RSM URC
Dr Elizabeth J Harris, Methodist
Keith Edward Poltock, St Peter's Jessopp Road Church (URC/Methodist)
Katherine Copley, Christ Church United Reformed Petts Wood
Robert McAlpin, Methodist
Rev. Susan Greenhart, Airedale Circuit
Jan Hicks, Methodist and United Reformed Church
Ann Emery, Methodist
Sylvia Mary Fuller, Brunswick, Newcastle upon Tyne
Aran Kathleen Woodfin, City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
Rev'd Rachel Bending, Methodist Church
Mrs. Josephine Richards, St. Mary's Church, Handforth
Rev Mark Barrett, Bath Road Methodist Church
Fr. Jonathan Durley (Church Army), Church in Wales
Derek Hayes, The King's Way Church, Ossett (Methodist/URC LEP)
Wendy Charman, Bournemouth Methodist Church
Jenny Broadbridge, Langford Methodist Church
Rev Alan Dawson, Methodist
Peter Brophy, Romanby Methodist Church
Peter Arnold, Market Harborough Methodist
Sandra Joyce Goodwin. Vice President Methodist Women in Britain, Harlington Methodist Church
Stephen Dando, Southwell Methodist Church
William Purden
Deacon Jackie Fowler, Methodist Church
Mrs Susan Margaret Halford, Dogsthorpe Methodist Church
Rev Marty Presdee, Methodist Church (Synod Cymru and Synod Wales)
Rev. Janine Atkinson, The SPACE Group of United Reformed Churches, West Yorkshire
Stephen Halford, Methodist
John Cleever, Amberley Methodist
Richard Burr, Solihull Methodist church
Rev. Ann Marie Fradgley, Hospice Chaplain Lincolnshire
David John Easton, Methodist Church
Lynne Ling, Methodist
Michael Slater, St Cuthbert's Church, Wood Green
Peter Bennett, Newbury Methodist Church
Diana Bosman, Four Oaks Methodist
Jacqueline Carol Betts, Methodist
Angela McDonald, Kirkintilloch Baptist Church
Rev. Pamela Bolas, Methodist
Reverend Kenneth Cross, St Michael the Archangel Parish Church (Church of England), Alcombe, Minehead
Irene Sampson, Marazion Methodist Church
Emmaline Kay, Bridgwater Methodist Church
Mary Buckley, The Triangle Methodist Church Bolton
Janice Hughes, Cathays Methodist Church Cardiff
Reverend Cassius Francis, Wesleyan Holiness Church
Reverend Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches
Linda Donaldson, Portrack Baptist Church
Rev Dr Sally Nash, Hodge Hill/Director Institute for Children Youth and Mission
Ann Liston, Hope Baptist Church Hebden Bridge
Rev Sheila Foreman, Methodist Church
Miriam Sitch, Rugby Methodist Church Centre
Deacon Linda Gilson, King's Cross Methodist Church, West London Mission
The Very Rev'd Bertrand Olivier, Dean, Anglican Church
Major Pamela Johnson, The Salvation Army, Hereford
Fr Brett Ward SCP, Holy Trinity Eltham
Peter Meadows, Methodist
Roy Fowler, United Reformed
Stephen Mares, Methodist Church
Nigel Allan Currey, Portholme Selby
Andrew Fox, Shetland Methodist District
Tim Brocklehurst, Tottington Methodist
Matthew Richards, Our Lady of Lourdes, Diocese of Southwark
Edmund Adjei Laryea , Trinity Baptist Church, Dalston
Janet Matthews, President Baptist Union of Wales (English Wing)
Stephen Peck, Queensway Methodist Church, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
Joyce Daniels, Glazebury Methodist Church, Glazebury Warrington
Jane Gaffney, Methodist Church
John Lee Cox, Bethesda Methodist Church
Karin Elisabet Cox, Bethesda Methodist Church
Elizabeth Jane Kelly, St Paul's, Salisbury
Rev. Dr Iain Ballard, Methodist Presbyter
Anne Brown, Methodist
Ewan Cappitt, Peterborough Methodist Circuit Member
Christine Spicer, Paddock Wood Baptist Church
Rev Susan Richardson, Peterlee Methodist Church
Deacon Jane Harper, Methodist Church
Freda Cammack, Methodist
Ian Gouldbourne, Grove Lane Baptist Church, Cheadle Hulme
Erica D Taylor, Methodist Church Lincoln Local Preacher
Ian Warburton, Prudhoe Methodist Church
Revd Brian Spencer, Romsey Methodist Church
Mthr Andrea Maffei SCP, St Peter and Paul, Flitwick
Josie Keys, Trinity Methodist Church, Bury St. Edmunds
Wendy Cornish , St John's Methodist Church, Borders Mission, Notts & Derby
Clare Coombe, Church of England
Canon Philip Davies, Church of England
Fiona Tomlin, Trinity Methodist Church Clitheroe
Mark Hawkins, Coventry Central Hall Methodist Church
Kathy Bevan, Great Lumley Methodist Church
Susan Palmer, Church Gresley Methodist
Paul Carver, Clifton Methodist Church, Nottingham
Deborah Kirk, Taunton Deane and South Sedgemoor Methodist Circuit
Norma Davey, Methodist Church
Sally Bowcock, Watchet Baptist Church
Sheila Bishop, Methodist Church Gawsworth Ches.
Rev'd Rachel Parkinson, Chair of Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District of Methodist Church
James Black, Churchwarden, St Mary's Church, Whitkirk (Anglican Diocese of Leeds)
Rev Naomi Kaiga, Methodist Church
Rev Ann Rigby-Jones, Methodist Church
Rev Stephen D Bales, Supernumerary
Rev Elizabeth Kirova, Minister in North East Somerset and Bath Methodist Circuit
Lyndsay Campbell, Hemel Hempstead Methodist
Susan Hauff, Fairhaven Methodist Church
Jenny Bales, Methodist Church member
Joyce Ashbridge, Rievaulx Methodist Church
Dorothy Bagley, New Rd Methodist
Frank Topping, Coalway Methodist Church
June Topping, Coalway Methodist Church
Revd Peter Barber, The Methodist Church
Rev'd Carolyn Lawrance, Bolton Methodist Circuit
Revd Dr Ayla Lepine, Church of England
Rev Dr Mike HiIl, Methodist Church High Wycombe
Celia Thomason, Padgate Methodist
Reverend Sonia Kasibante, Church of England
Major Gregory Morgan, Divisional Commander, The Salvation Army Southern Division
Julian Bond, Methodist Church
Joanna Leidenhag , Scottish Episcopal Church
Y Parch Dad Allan R. Jones, CRIC, Our Lady of Charity & St Augustine's Catholic Church, Daventry
Julia Lunn, Madley Church, Herefordshire
Pamela Davies, 57 West
Alison Walker, Cambridge Methodist Circuit
Paula Thorpe, Church of England
Timofey Cheprasov, Bury Baptist Church
Noel Noel, Withington Methodist Church, Manchester.
Janice Leaver, Retired Anglican priest
Helen North, Keswick Methodist
Stuart Warman, Bramford Road Methodist Church
Jill Baker , Chair of the Methodist Council
Rev Barbara Fairburn, Methodist
Ruth Irving , Cheadle Methodist Church Cheadle Staffordshire
Mark Wade, Horndean Methodist Church
Jeannette Smith, Nantwich Methodist Church Hospital Street
Deborah Walton, Assistant Curate, St Peter's, Kinver
Matt Bellingham, Pastor of Poplars Church, Worksop
Margaret Anne Thickett, Gracious St Methodist Church Knaresborough
Lauren Powell, Hull Minster
Revd Helen Fraser, Church of England
Louise Hunt, Methodist Church
Rev Alison Geary, Methodist
Kate Elizabeth Buttimer, Salisbury Methodist Church
Joyce Baynes, The Salvation Army
Raymond Baynes, The Salvation Army
Christine Stuckey, Highcliffe Methodist
Revd Joanna Rand, Methodist Church, South Lakes Circuit
Joyce Welford, East Harling Methodist
Revd Neil Whitaker, Parish of Langley
Hazel Parsons, Halberton Methodist Church
Captain Tracey Bale, The Salvation Army-Southend citadel/Southchurch
Angela Allport, St John's MC, Hereford
Rev Kathryn Taylor, David Livingstone, Trinity, Roydon URC and Leaside URC/Methodist
Diane J Robinson, Northstead Methodist Church Scarborough
Richard James Taylor, Hanworth Methodist Church
Rev John Wiggall, Caergwrle Methodist Chuch
Anne Savage, St. Mary's. Enville. South Staffs
Major Paul Wright, The Salvation Army, Belfast
Michael Baxter, URC/Methodist
Captain Matthew Brown, Newtownards Salvation Army, Ireland Division
Major Denis Lomax, The Salvation Army, North Scotland Division
Margaret Semple , Hillhead Baptist Church Glasgow
Rob Keeley, Claremount Methodist Church
Janet McCarthy, Purton Methodist Church
Pamela Smith, Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea
Rev Angela Pothecary, Methodist Church
Graham Thompson, Trinity Methodist Church – Felixstowe
Ruth Hilary Minich, Middleton in Teesdale Methodist Church
Dorothy Rice, Methodist
Michael Goodman, Crowland Methodist Church
Rev'd Alison Redshaw, Emmanuel, Swadlincote
Stephen Brazier, Leaaide Church LEP, Ware
Revd Richard Andrew, Chair, Darlington Methodist District
John Leonard Adams, Trinity Methodist Church Felixstowe Suffolk
Rev Malcolm Cuthbertson , Rutherglen West & Wardlawhill Church Of Scotland
Rev Anthony Barnes, Methodist Church, North Wiltshire Circuit
Reverend Alison Tomlin, Methodist
Frank William Smith

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