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Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid." (Matthew 14: 27)

Welcome to North Kent Methodist Circuit. We are a lively and varied group of people trying to follow Jesus in North Kent. Please look around and find out more about who we are, what we do and where we are.

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The Methodist Podcast

Episode 27: Action for Children, the British Methodist Youth Choir, the...

Sharing Good News (update Mon 10 Aug)

Over 100 messages, videos, and services from members of the Circuit and...

Fellowship from home (30 July update)

Cov19 official guidance, Pastoral Care, Fellowship, Safeguarding, TV &...

Worship from home (update Mon 10 Aug)

Weekly Circuit service: details of this week's service and archive of...

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Latest news

The Methodist Podcast
@nkmethodists: 01/08/2020
Margaret Peacock funeral arrangements
@nkmethodists: 29/07/2020
Circuit Farewell Service
@nkmethodists: 15/07/2020
Action for Children Sunday
@nkmethodists: 08/07/2020


Peninsula, Strood
Grapevine-Newsletter 15-Autumn 2020
PDF file
Spital Street
NKMC Plan June-August 2020 (v2)
PDF file
Circuit Prayer Diary May 2020 Ascension
PDF file
Circuit Calendar 19-20 draft 7
PDF file
Tonbridge Road
Circuit Calendar 20-21 draft 4
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Data Protection Guidance 2019
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NKMC Safeguarding Policy 2020
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10th Aug - Ministerial Supervision
In areas
11th Aug - Ministerial Supervision
In areas
17th Aug - Lay Worker supervision
Union Street
2nd Sep - Circuit Leadership Team
begins at 7:30pm
6th Sep - Welcome Service
Peninsula, Strood