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Ebbsfleet Community Church
ECC Office, Rose Street, Northfleet, DA9 11EQ
Church office: 07792 596 318 -

There is also a weekly online service at 10.30 on Sunday mornings: details here

Ebbsfleet Community Church is a new congregation based at the new Ebbsfleet Garden City. We are planting a church, and watching to see what the Lord grows. This is a wonderful adventure, not without its challenges, but full of potential to see the Kingdom of God made know to communities both new and old. As we plant the church we will be funded and supported by the Methodist Church, together with our friends at the Pioneer Network of Churches. We are excited and expectant to see what the Lord will do and would like to invite those who are moving into the area to prayerfully consider join us on this adventure! If you would like to talk with someone about joining or supporting the new church please contact us and start the conversation.


Reflecting our Methodist roots and our friendship with Pioneer

God is community and, we believe, it is only in community that we can accurately reflect Him and see real and lasting fruit. We honour and celebrate diversity within the context of our relationships. We recognise that anointed leadership is a grace gift given to serve, with humility, in the context of community. We value the contribution of both women and men at every level of leadership.
We see ourselves as co-workers with God in His mission — the reconciliation of all things under heaven and earth under Christ. The Good News about Jesus needs to be presented in a way that is relevant to our context through our words, actions and with a demonstration of God's miraculous power. We believe that justice and social action are central to the message of Jesus.
Our life and faith is energised and informed by a living experience of the Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately. We believe in a God who breaks into time and space by His Holy Spirit, bringing revelation, healing bodies, sharing spiritual gifts and performing miraculous signs. Our spiritual life is rooted in the Scriptures and informed by our church history as "revivalist Methodists".
Because 'the earth is the Lord's and everything in it', we believe that the whole of life and creation is sacred. We, therefore, look to express a culture and lifestyle of worship that has no sacred-secular divide as we celebrate all of life. We desire and pray that we will burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit so wherever we are we will reveal the love and action of God's Kingdom.

We are committed to the unity of the Body of Christ and will seek to support and encourage God's people wherever we find them.

We gather most Sundays for worship, teaching, ministry and fellowship. Lively and informal with an openness to the Holy Spirit. Be good to see you there!

Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with our Father God. We pray regularly together for one another, and for revival in our church, communities, and nation.

Our Connect Groups meet regularly and are an opportunity to share, question, and grow in our faith together. To find out more follw the link.

COMMUNITY Mission and engagement in our community are at the heart of our church. We seek to love our neighbours and introduce people to Jesus.

We are part of the North Kent Methodist Circuit and a friend of the Pioneer Network of churches and leaders through the PioneerConnexion initiative.

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