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Happy Xmas

Where do you draw the line? ( thoughts by Martin Smith)
I like mince pies.
I like tinsel.
I like giving and receiving presents.
I even like cheesy Christmas pop music.
Sometimes I think that maybe I should be feeling guilty about this.

I am reminded of the Gordon Bailey lines:
Christmas /Sacred
Christ /Massacred
Where do you draw the line?

And there is much to concern us at Christmas:
Wasteful over spending, greedy eating, inflicting compulsory cheerfulness, squalor and hardship in the midst of plenty.

But then I remember:
My Jesus loved a party.
He turned water into wine at a party.
He went to parties with prostitutes and sinners.
He commended throwing generous parties and going prepared for a party.

He was no party pooper so I don't think Jesus would object to mince pies or tinsel or presents or cheesy pop music (well, maybe the cheesy music).

Because at Christmas we are reminded that God was one of us, just a stranger on the bus.
So enjoy the festivities but remember the stranger on the bus, the Son of God who shared his life with us and your brother or sister who may find it harder to enjoy the festivities.

Because Love came down at Christmas; come on and celebrate!