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Our Vision for Methodism in North Kent

Our vision is for twenty years and takes us into the year commencing 2020. As we look back from there we can report that there was a very difficult beginning following the uniting of the Methodist Membership across North Kent into one unit. At that time we had approximately 1300 members on our database and about 200 friends and contacts. We had no real strategy for communicating our way of life to the non Methodists in Kent and we were not able to communicate fluently the reason why Christianity is a solution for the problems of the world.

In 2013 we said that as the Churches of the North Kent Circuit we are called by God to concentrate upon the following:

DEVELOPING DISCIPLESHIP (Becoming the friends and followers of Jesus)
ENGAGING IN GOD'S MISSION (Sharing with God in his work)
BUILDING FELLOWSHIP (Supporting one another as the people of God)

We said we would organise ourselves in three Mission Areas — Gravesham, Swaleside and Medway, Maidstone and Rochester with two presbyters covering each Mission Area.

We said we would organise our membership into small groups that would be known as PODS and we would encourage discipleship, mission and outreach to the wider community through these PODS. We believed we would make progress in our priorities through these PODS.

In 2020 it is pleasing to see we have 5000 members on our Database, 10,000 friends and contacts and nearly 1000 PODS. Our PODS are always growing in numbers with two leaders both of whom have been trained to fulfill the role. The PODs divide when they reach 14 members into two PODs of 7. This is how we have grown.

Our Churches are thriving and whereas we only had 29 worshipping communities in 2013 today we have 50. The traditional organ music has been replaced by modern ways of making music and each worshipping community has a Worship Team who arrange and Lead the Music content of the worship. Each Worshipping Community has a Spiritual Director who works closely with the POD leadership and the Pastoral Care Team that oversees our Members and Friends Discipleship and welfare.

The Church is Financially well established but spends its income on activities that have an impact on the community and provides for our team of Presbyters and Pastors.

We have made a real impact on the community in which we each live and our teaching and opinion is sought after by people in public service and the wider community. People see us as being forward thinking, visionary and inspirational in helping the community and the people of North Kent face the future with joy and confidence.