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Our Mission is to

share with the people of North Kent, our members, our friends and everyone we meet that

God has promised to save the world from the destruction that human beings are causing to each other and to the planet. To fulfil this promise all we human beings have to do is to follow the teaching of Jesus in our daily lives, to proclaim him as our perfect teacher, to accept that Christ was crucified to death because of the behaviour of human beings and that God raised him from the dead on the third day. God did this in order that all who believe in him will experience perfect everlasting freedom and joy.

This is the Good News that we share with all people everywhere.


We believe that as the Churches of the North Kent Circuit we are called by God to concentrate upon the following:

  • DEVELOPING DISCIPLESHIP (Becoming the friends and followers of Jesus)
  • ENGAGING IN GOD'S MISSION (Sharing with God in his work)
  • BUILDING FELLOWSHIP (Supporting one another as the people of God

In order to develop discipleship we will:

  • Encourage each congregation to be involved in a discipleship programme
  • Seek to discern and identify the gifts of all members and enable those gifts to be put into practice.
  • Encourage each person to grow in the life of prayer
  • Encourage each person to have confidence to talk of God and to put their faith into action

In order to engage in God's mission we will:

  • Concentrate on work that takes us beyond the Church doors and into the world
  • Create more congregations and have fewer buildings
  • Enable each congregation to have confidence in their purpose and place
  • Develop a strategy for growth
  • Adopt ways appropriate to the 21st century
  • Share our views on social issues
  • Be involved in fresh expressions of church

In order to build our fellowship we will:

  • Work ecumenically
  • Invest our resources in working with young people
  • Work together as churches in the circuit
  • Strengthen relationships within each congregation
  • Respect one another's views
  • Grow and support Local Preachers
  • Develop effective means of communication